Chivenor Update

Derrick Spear speaks about his latest concerns regarding Chivenor Royal Marine Barracks.


Devon New Funding Formula a big disappointment for schools!

key_stop_underfunding.pngDavid Worden, Lib Dem councillor in South Molton and school governor uncovers the truth behind the so-called “fair funding” for schools in North Devon. It’s not fair and there is no new funding in real terms!

“On September 14th Justine Greening, the Tory Education Secretary, issued what appeared to be a very welcome statement concerning education funding. In it she said that the government would be introducing fair funding by putting an extra £1.3 billion into schools over the next two years. Hurray! we all thought – at last steps are being taken to give us fair funding! She went on to say:

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Lib Dems Hold Barnstaple Town Council Seat

The Barnstaple Town Council by-election held on 14th September resulted in the Liberal Democrats holding the seat.  Lib Dems welcome Julian Williams as a representative of Central Ward.

Results were

Julian Williams Liberal Democrat 305 (Elected)
Robbie Mack Green 247
Laurence Overend Labour 144




Commenting on the result, Barnstaple County and District Councillor Brian Greenstreet said

"Compared to the previous Central Ward by election on June 8th Labour fell from second place to third place so the Labour advance in North Devon has been blunted."

Nick Harvey takes up new appointment

key_NIck_Harvey.jpgSir Nick Harvey, President of North Devon Liberal Democrats has been appointed interim Chief Executive of the Lib Dems national party. 

Nick was formerly MP for North Devon and was Minister of State for the Armed Forces in the coalition government.  Prior to becoming an MP Nick worked in the City, gaining wide-ranging experience in PR, human resources, management and delivering change.

Nick says of his appointment:

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Education cuts hit North Devon

Teacher with pupilIan Roome, Lib Dem councillor in Barnstaple and a governor at Pilton School writes:

"As a school governor and parent, I know at first-hand what the year on year cuts to school budgets mean for teachers and students. Even the government has accepted that their austerity has gone too far and have now promised a small extra amount to schools. But the message hasn’t got through to Tory controlled Devon County Council. At their meeting in June, they slashed budgets by £33 per pupil – that means nearly £50,000 for Pilton schools, the equivalent of two teachers’ salaries.

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Yeo Valley Community Woodland

Green Falg Award for Yeo Valley Community WoodlandLiberal Democrat Cllrs Ian Roome and Joy Cann are really pleased that Yeo Valley Community Woodland in Barnstaple has retained its Green Flag status, as one of the UKs best green spaces.

The park is among a record-breaking 1,797 UK parks and green spaces that have received a prestigious Green Flag Award this year. This international award is a sign that the parks boast the highest possible environmental standards, are beautifully maintained and have excellent visitor facilities.

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Link Road History

Cllr Brian Greenslade viewing the North Devon Link RaodLiberal Democrat County and District Councillor Brian Greenslade talks to Joel Cooper of the North Devon Journal about the history of the North Devon Link Road, its dangers, and why he has been campaigning for more than 30 years  to make the road safer.

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Link Road Accidents

North Devon County Councillor Brian Greenslade says he is deeply upset by the two tragic accidents on the North Devon Link Rd on the stretch from South Molton to the West Buckland turning. The accidents took place on Sunday and Monday (30th and 31st July).

He said “it is deeply upsetting that two tragic accidents have taken place so close to each other within the space of two days. Ours thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends caught up in the accidents. We think particularly about the Mother and two children who have been killed on Monday.

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HCC Tories reject school funding proposal

Barnstaple Lib Dem County Councillor Brian Greenslade said “I am very disappointed for our schools who already get funded at £290 per pupil less than average from government. The Conservative majority at County Hall made this worse by then cutting a further £33 per pupil from school budgets this year.

North Devon Schools lost £409,000 this year because of this local decision.

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Pilton Park Gagging Order

Following the publication of a press release from North Devon District Council, Councillor Brian Greenslade (Barnstaple - Pilton Ward) has accused the Tory run executive of gagging councillors, as well a wasting £25,000 on unnecessary consultants.

Comments made by Cllr Greenslade and fellow Lib Dem ward councillor Mair Manuel had not been included in the statement as the views expressed did not support those of the executive.

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