Thank you to so many

Graphic showing fire, police and ambulance vehicles and tecxt Thank You to so many!As temperatures seem set to rise Shadow NDC Leader and County Councillor Lib Dem Brian Greenslade says a very big thank you is due to so many who have gone more than the extra mile to help keep the community safe and secure during the extreme cold snowy weather.

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Row at District Council over tax rise

Graphic showing North Devon Council Tax demandA row broke out at North Devon Council’s tax setting meeting between Conservative and Liberal Democrat Councillors over the increase in the level of Council Tax for 2018/19.

Liberal Democrat members wanted the Council to stick by its previously agreed financial plan level of 1.99 pc but the Conservatives, supported by Independent Councillors, pushed through a higher increase of 2.99 pc.

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Further By-election Success for North Devon Lib Dems

key_south_molton_by-election.jpgCongratulations to Jacqui Footman and the whole South Molton Lib Dem team, who won an additional Town Council seat on January 11th. (LD Gain from Independent)

The by-election results were as follows:

Jacqui Footman (LD) - 311 (41.6%)
Ron Herniman (IND) - 237 (31.7%)
Steve Hinchcliffe (LAB) - 199 (26.6%)

Photo shows Cllr. Jaquie Footman with Lib Dem Cllrs Brian Greenslade (left) and David Worden (right) with local organiser Jevon Whitby.

Well done to Jaquie, and everyone who worked so hard to achieve this great start to 2018.

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Storm Caroline sweeps Newport!

Caroline Leaver and supportersCongratulations to Lib Dem Caroline Leaver, who GAINED Newport Ward in Barnstaple from the Conservatives by just 17 votes on 7th December.

The election was called following the death of respected Conservative Councillor Michael Harrison. However, voters saw this election as an opportunity to bring in new blood and end the Conservative control of the District Council.

Electors saw the previous administration supporting County Council and Government cuts to local services and decided enough was enough.

North Devon District Council (Newport) (LD GAIN)
Liberal Democrats (Caroline Leaver) - 390 (39%)
Conservatives - 373 (37%)
Green - 159 (16%)
Labour - 83 (8%)

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By-Election Success in Braunton

Members of the Lib Dem team working in Braunton.Congratulations to Derrick Spear and Adam Bradford, who on Thursday 2nd November, GAINED Braunton East from the Conservatives in both the District and Parish Council Level By-elections.

Thank you to our fantastic team of volunteers, from local parties across the South West and beyond, who delivered two stunning victories.  The results were as follows:

North Devon District Council (Braunton East) (LD GAIN)
Liberal Democrats (Derrick Spear) - 459 (37%)
Green - 387 (31%)
Conservatives - 225 (18%)
Labour - 165 (13%)

Braunton Parish Council (Braunton East) (LD GAIN)
Liberal Democrats (Adam Bradford) - 546 (46%)
Green - 496 (42%)
Labour - 147 (12%)

Well done everyone!

Thank you to our fantastic team of volunteers, from local parties across the South West and beyond, who delivered two stunning victories.

Chivenor Update

Derrick Spear speaks about his latest concerns regarding Chivenor Royal Marine Barracks.


Devon New Funding Formula a big disappointment for schools!

key_stop_underfunding.pngDavid Worden, Lib Dem councillor in South Molton and school governor uncovers the truth behind the so-called “fair funding” for schools in North Devon. It’s not fair and there is no new funding in real terms!

“On September 14th Justine Greening, the Tory Education Secretary, issued what appeared to be a very welcome statement concerning education funding. In it she said that the government would be introducing fair funding by putting an extra £1.3 billion into schools over the next two years. Hurray! we all thought – at last steps are being taken to give us fair funding! She went on to say:

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Lib Dems Hold Barnstaple Town Council Seat

The Barnstaple Town Council by-election held on 14th September resulted in the Liberal Democrats holding the seat.  Lib Dems welcome Julian Williams as a representative of Central Ward.

Results were

Julian Williams Liberal Democrat 305 (Elected)
Robbie Mack Green 247
Laurence Overend Labour 144




Commenting on the result, Barnstaple County and District Councillor Brian Greenstreet said

"Compared to the previous Central Ward by election on June 8th Labour fell from second place to third place so the Labour advance in North Devon has been blunted."

Nick Harvey takes up new appointment

key_NIck_Harvey.jpgSir Nick Harvey, President of North Devon Liberal Democrats has been appointed interim Chief Executive of the Lib Dems national party. 

Nick was formerly MP for North Devon and was Minister of State for the Armed Forces in the coalition government.  Prior to becoming an MP Nick worked in the City, gaining wide-ranging experience in PR, human resources, management and delivering change.

Nick says of his appointment:

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Education cuts hit North Devon

Teacher with pupilIan Roome, Lib Dem councillor in Barnstaple and a governor at Pilton School writes:

"As a school governor and parent, I know at first-hand what the year on year cuts to school budgets mean for teachers and students. Even the government has accepted that their austerity has gone too far and have now promised a small extra amount to schools. But the message hasn’t got through to Tory controlled Devon County Council. At their meeting in June, they slashed budgets by £33 per pupil – that means nearly £50,000 for Pilton schools, the equivalent of two teachers’ salaries.

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