Liz Spear

Ward: Braunton East

Coril Head
EX33 2EW

Phone: 01271 812 643




Outside bodies:

Terms of Office:

  • 07/05/2019 - 09/05/2023
  • 09/05/2023 -

About Liz:
Two daughters, eight grandchildren and one great grandchild - This and Council work keeps me very busy.

I have lived in my ward since 1966 and elected to ND Council and Braunton Parish Council in 1991.  Over the years I have chaired both ND Council and Braunton Parish Council (recently completed four years as Chair in the most challenging of times).

One very pleasant duty is that I Chair the Braunton Chaloners Educational Trust which awards grants to students from the Parish to help with their further education.

I have been very involved in the creation of the Braunton Neighbourhood Plan which is nearing completion and at the Examination stage.

Liz Spear