Christopher Norman

Ward: Roundswell

45 Shorelands Road
EX31 3AA

Phone: 07578 494 977

Email: (Preferred method of contact)


  • Chair of the North Devon Council Governance Committee


Outside bodies:

  • Devon Audit Partnership Committee

Terms of Office:

  • 09/05/2023 -

About Christopher:
Christopher, born in Barnstaple, is a highly experienced management director and procurement leader with a track record of delivering business and people focused management strategies within the public sector. In a previous role as Head of Department for a City Council, a substantial element of his work involved delivering effective, sustainable and economical services to enhance the experience of the services users.
He is a Trustee / Board Director of an established and progressive education trust in Devon of just under 20 schools and a councillor on Tawstock parish council.

Why Christopher became a Councillor:

  • to aid residents to access council services.
  • to be a voice for residents of North Devon in the council.
  • to influence policies and decisions to support sustainable enhancements and deliver more affordable homes across North Devon.
  • bringing people and groups together to enhance our neighbourhood.

What people appreciate about Christopher:

  • he will do the things he says he will.
  • he is persistent in following up on issues.
  • he always tries and see the other point of view.
  • he is not always too serious.
  • he is a good listener and makes time for people.

To support Christopher with his councillor work:

  • let him know what’s happening even if it’s bad news.
  • please be patient if he doesn’t respond immediately to questions.
  • he is happy to meet face to face or to work via email.
Portrait of Cllr. Chris Norman