Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate Ian Roome Celebrates Grand Opening of Dingles Florists

11 Sep 2023
Image of Oliver Dingle (left), Ian Roome and Mark Parkhouse (right)

Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate Ian Roome was delighted to join the celebration of the grand opening of Dingles Florists, a new floral haven located on Joy Street, Barnstaple. The event, which took place earlier in September, marked the beginning of a promising journey for the talented entrepreneurs behind this venture, Olly Dingle and Mark Parkhouse

Dingles Florists opened its doors with a resounding success, offering an array of breathtaking floral arrangements that left attendees in awe. From the vibrant elegance of roses to the delicate charm of lilies, the flower shop boasted a diverse selection that captured the essence of natural beauty.

One of the most commendable aspects of Dingles Florists is its commitment to accommodating all budgets. The shop's skilled team is dedicated to creating stunning bouquets that suit various financial plans, making floral luxury accessible to all.

Image of Mark, Olly and the team of florists at the shop opening.
Mark, Olly and the Dingles florists outside the Joy Street Shop

Ian Roome, an ardent supporter of local businesses, couldn't hide his enthusiasm about Dingles Florists. "The flowers I saw at the grand opening were absolutely breathtaking. Olly and Mark have truly created a floral paradise here in Barnstaple," said Roome. "I highly recommend visiting Dingles Florists for a dose of floral magic or to surprise a loved one with a beautiful arrangement. It's a fantastic way to support local businesses while indulging in the beauty of nature."

Dingles Florists not only promises to be a source of joy for those who visit but also adds to the vibrant tapestry of local businesses in the area. The establishment of such enterprises fosters economic growth and strengthens the community fabric.

Ian Roome extended his best wishes to Olly and Mark for their new venture, saying, "I wish Olly and Mark all the success in their new venture. Their dedication to quality and affordability is truly admirable, and I am confident that Dingles Florists will flourish in the heart of Barnstaple."

For more information about Dingles Florists, their exquisite flower arrangements, and their commitment to serving the community, please visit their shop on Joy Street, Barnstaple.