What price a child's life?

Graphic showing school crossing sign and Stop Crossing Patrol Cuts sloganOnce again Devon County Council are seeking to save money by cutting back on 'School Crossing Patrols' at Yeo Valley and Ashleigh Road primaries. It would seem that the Governments plans to end Austerity have not filtered down to County Hall! The blossoming of the Autumn flowering 'Money Tree' seems to be passing us by.

It was only 4 years ago that there was a proposal to make savings by cutting out all School Crossing Patrols in Devon and thereby jeopardising our children's lives. This was met with strong opposition with North Devon leading the way. A large petition and a deputation to County Hall was fully supported by local TV, Press and Radio coverage highlighting the very real dangers.

The campaign soon put a stop to this dangerous initiative.

Now we find that DCC officers are proposing to resurrect these cuts without informing the local County Cllr Brian Greenslade! Apparently, these sites do not meet the relevant criteria. It would be interesting to know what these criteria are? How many visits have been made to these sites to assess both the volume of traffic and speed of the traffic as well as the awareness of the children to the dangers.  Where are the Risk Assessments? Models and criteria are all well and good but those of us on the ground KNOW that this proposal is simply wrong.

The loss of School Crossing Patrols will certainly jeopardise our primary school children's well-being. At present we do not know if North Devon is being treated as an isolated case but any cuts must be resisted at all costs.

Our children's education is currently funded much less per child than the national average. Are we to allow our children's well-being to be further treated as second class?  Certainly not!

If like me, you feel that this is wholly wrong then please raise your concerns with Stuart Hughes ([email protected]) and John Hart the leader of DCC ([email protected]).

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