School Funding - Letter to our MP

School funding shortfall graphicPeter Heaton Jones MP
House of Commons,
SW1. 21st October 2017

Dear Peter,

I guess you are aware that on October 24th parents, heads, teachers and support staff will come together with community leaders to lobby MPs for a commitment to properly fund schools.

Because of the current levels of school funding 88 per cent of schools are still facing real-terms cuts.

For our children and young people this means bigger classes, fewer teachers and staff, a reduced curriculum, parents plugging the gaps.

As I wrote to you recently, the announcement of an extra £7.5m of funding for Devon schools only scratches the surface of the problems facing Devon schools. The view of County Council Officers, based on notional figures, suggests that our school children will still remain funded at a level £268 below the national average. The prospective improvement in individual school budgets is therefore very limited.

I understand local Head Teachers have met with you and expressed their concerns.

Therefore I hope that you will be able to meet local lobbyists on the 24th and hear first hand the consequences of the current school funding levels on education opportunities for our children.

The Government were able to find £1 billion to “buy” the votes of the 10 DUP MPs.

With the Government now without a majority the eight Devon Tory MPs are in a powerful position to secure better funding for our schoolchildren.

Yours sincerely,


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