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Save Our Hospital Services is a cross party campaign supported by people from all over the region who are concerned about roumoured proposals to close key services based on the North Devon District Hospital.

North Devon Liberal Democrats are fully supportive of the objectives of the campaign and are actively involved in its work. Councillors Ian Williams (Barnstaple Town Council) and Brian Greenslade (Devon County Council and North Devon District Council) are both leading members of the group.

The following reports are on the work they are doing to help the campaign.

Brian Greenslade refutes claim by Mark Cooke that funding is not an issue

Hands typing letterBrian Greenslade replies to Director of Commissioning Operations, NHS England SW insisting that until a fairer funding model for Devon is in operation, any attempt to determine what and where cost reduction is needed is a waste of time.



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Reply to Brian's initial letter

Image of letter from Mark CookeFollowing Cllr. Greenslade's 25th September letter to the Chief Executive NHS England, he received the following reply, dated 14th November 2016

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Lib Dems march for North Devon District Hospital

SOHS protest march in BarnstapleNorth Devon Liberal Democrats recently joined protesters from across North Devon to march through Barnstaple in support of North Devon’s cross-party ‘Save Our Hospital Services’ (SOHS) campaign.

Acute services at North Devon District Hospital, including Accident & Emergency (‘A&E’), Maternity, Paediatric and Stroke Services are all under threat of closure due to funding cuts.

The Liberal Democrats have called for the Government to support the NHS with an additional £8bn a year, and health spokesman Norman Lamb MP has proposed a dedicated tax to support unified health and social care in the UK.

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Tories Block Attempt to Stop Hospital Cuts!

key_Tories_block.jpgConservative County Councillors used their majority at County Hall to stop Lib Dem County Councillor Brian Greenslade from putting a motion calling for Devon County Council to urge the Government and NHS England to scrap the NHS Success Regime for Devon. This threatens to stop key acute services at North Devon District Hospital like maternity and stroke services being delivered in North Devon. Brian Greenslade has already written to Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt and NHS Chief Executive Simon Stevens to demand the Success Regime be scrapped because the process is now seriously flawed.

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Campaign to scrap NHS "Success Regime" continues

Cllr. Brian GreensladeBarnstaple County Councillor Brian Greenslade is continuing his campaign to get the NHS “Success Regime” project for Devon scrapped by putting a notice of motion to Devon County Council this week asking the authority to give its support to his objective.

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Letter to Jeremy Hunt

NDDH A&E wingEarlier in September, LibDem County Councillor for Barnstaple North, Brian Greenslade, wrote yet again to Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health expressing concern about rumours that were circulating about the Devon Success Regime project.  This is the text of the letter he sent:


Dear Secretary of State,


I wrote to you in April about the three red lines that we in Northern Devon believed were vital in terms of retaining acute services at the North Devon District Hospital. Namely Accident & Emergency, Maternity and Stroke services and that delivering the “golden hour” response to emergencies would not be possible if all or any of these services were lost from the NDDH. I have not been favoured with a reply to date.

There have been various leaks of information about what the “Success Regime” are proposing for acute services at the NDDH. I accept that the leadership of the “Success Regime” are not planning to publish their proposals for acute services until the new year but these continual speculations, backed by documentation, are greatly troubling the population of Northern Devon and indeed the staff working at the NDDH.

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Cllr. Brian Greenslade proposes closure of Devon Success Regime

Lib Dem County Councillor Brian Greenslade has been campaigning for many months for the ending of the current Devon Success Regime project.  This letter to the Chief Executive NHS England begins a chain of correspondence to various NHS agencies.

Letter dated 25th September 2016

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Lib Dems Campaign Against Hospital Cuts

Cllr Ian Williams at NDDHLocal Lib Dems recently marched in support of ‘red line’ health services at North Devon District Hospital, which are currently threatened by underfunding.

More than 400 people joined the peaceful protest in Barnstaple on 23rd August, wearing red for the cross-party “Save Our Hospital Services” (SOHS) campaign.

Lib Dem Town Councillor Ian Williams (pictured) praised the “fantastic turnout” from those “...Really worried about the plans to cut the number of beds, the range of services, eligibility for treatment, and loss of services to Exeter or beyond.”

In a letter to the Health Secretary, Lib Dem County Councillor for Barnstaple North Brian Greenslade praised staff at the local hospital, and explained the dangers of losing our ‘red line’ services - Accident & Emergency, Maternity and Stroke Services:

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“Reductions in North Devon’s health services may already be ‘cut and dried’

North Devon District Hospital Sign

“Reductions in North Devon’s health services may already be ‘cut and dried’” reports Barnstaple Lib Dem County Councillor.

Although there has been no announcement from the Success Regime review of services, Cllr Brian Greenslade believes changes are already planned.


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Hospital Services in Doubt

North Devon District Hospital

North Devon patients have responded with disbelief that North Devon District Hospital faces cuts which could see Accident & Emergency, Stroke and Maternity services moved to Exeter.

“This is unacceptable” said concerned local resident and Lib Dem David Chalmers: “It is over an hour’s drive from Barnstaple to A&E in Exeter, or longer from more rural parts of North Devon.” “The local hospital trust is now severely underfunded by the Government and we’ve already watched community health and care services disappear.”

During the EU referendum campaign Conservative and UKIP ‘leavers’ like Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage promised £350 million a week for the NHS if Britain voted leave. So where’s the extra money?

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