The Lib Dem plan for
Roundswell Ward

Helen Walker,Joy Cann and Will Topps

1. A Safe Place to Live

The speed of traffic through residential areas and the impact of parking are issues throughout the ward. If elected we would campaign for a 20mph speed limit and traffic-calming measures to be installed consult with residents over much needed speed-calming measures.

2. Keeping Roundswell clean and safe

The blight of dog mess, graffiti and pot holes in our roads are issues of concern throughout Roundswell. We would work to improve the network of dog bins, get our roads and infrastructure repaired, and clean up graffiti promptly.

3. Sympathetic Development

New houses are springing up all over North Devon, but how many are affordable for people who live and work in Roundswell? We need housing that is affordable for young people and families so communities are maintained. We need schools and
facilities for them to enjoy our wonderful environment.


David Knight
Graham Lofthouse

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