Relief for parents for holiday fines!

Families on holidayAt Devon County Council’s full meeting on 6th October the authority backed a motion from Barnstaple County Councillor Brian Greenslade calling for all new fines for parents for term time leave to be halted while the People’s Scrutiny Committee conducts a thorough review of the unpopular measure a legacy of former Education Secretary Michael Gove.

Brian Greenslade said “only someone like Michael Gove could have dreamed up this stupid idea where Government knows best when, as previously, it was better left to Head Teachers to decide whether an absence for a family holiday was justified or not.

In an area like Devon where many families are engaged in agricultural and tourism the opportunity for a family holiday during the long school holiday in the summer is not possible. My own experience is that a family holiday was good for our family cohesion and neither of my children suffered educationally from term time absence and both went on to obtain good degrees. 

Now that Gove has been given the heave ho it's time local authorities like Devon took back control of this matter.”.

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