Real help for the homeless

Graphic - Real help for the homelessThe Liberal Democrats are fighting for a new solution that would tackle the growing  problem of rough sleeping in North Devon at its root.

The plan includes extra investment in mental health services as well as investment in thousands of new council houses.

If put into action, the Lib Dem plan would put money from the sale of local council houses back into a pot which North Devon Council could use to build more council homes and tackle homelessness in our area.

New plans will put money and power back into the hands of local people and local councils. Councils would even be able to choose to end ‘right to buy’ locally if it was deemed to be damaging.

Lib Dem councillor Caroline Leaver said “The current system isn’t working so we’re proposing a sensible alternative. It can’t be one size fits all. In rural areas like North Devon we have different problems to people in Westminster. It’s about time local Councillors had the power and money to make sure nobody needs to sleep rough.”

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