Our health care: financial cuts first, health care second!

Sign for North Devon District HospitalBrian Greenslade, Lib Dem County Councillor for Barnstaple North, who sits on the DCC Health Scrutiny Committee , says that the sudden rush to introduce Integrated Care Systems between the NHS and Organisations like Devon County Council is being rushed through on financial considerations, not what is necessarily right for the services people need.

"To present a report to the County Council Cabinet in March just three week’s before the 1st April, with little commentary on governance arrangements and no prior consultation with the public and the Health Scrutiny Committee, is just not acceptable.

"It smacks of the same approach that Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt was up to when he tried to slip Accountable Care systems through without reference to the Commons Health Select Committee. Thankfully the Health Select Committee Chair robustly and successfully intervened.

"Why such reluctance to allow public scrutiny of changes to the way health and care services are to be provided and why ignore giving the public a say in the matter? It’s pretty obvious to me the refusal by Government to properly fund health and care services means they are forcing the pace of the need to cut spending in these areas And are running scared of public protest as they know full well these cuts to health and care services are not popular with the community.

I hope now the 'Call in' my Lib Dem colleagues and I made of the DCC Tory Cabinet plans to rush through ideas for integrated Care Systems have put a shot across the bows and we and the public will get chance for a say on these plans.

"This is especially important here in North Devon where our relatively small District Hospital is the second most remote in the country from the next major hospital. Before we are plunged headlong into integrated care systems we in North Devon must have the chance to examine and comment on the proposals not least to ensure our health and care services are not being plundered to make up for the poor level of Government funding we receive in Devon.”.

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