North Devon Tory MP fails to support local needs

Image of Alex White and the letter he has written to the North Devon MP.North Devon Lib Dem Parliamentary Spokesperson, Alex White, has written to our Tory MP expressing concern about her unwillingness to support a cross party amendment to the Trade Bill. 

The amendment would have offered some protection to Farmers and the NHS in any future trade deals.

The amendment would have given MPs the right to vote on any trade deals negotiated by the government.  In his letter, Alex White says "The Government promised to 'take back control', but instead they're doing the complete opposite."


His letter in full says:

Image of the letter written by Alwx WhitDear Ms Saxby,

I'm writing to you on behalf of North Devon Liberal Democrats to express the disappointment held by so many, following your decision to vote against an amendment that sought to protect the NHS and our farmers from any future trade deals. I'm sure you'll be aware that the amendment to the bill was tabled by a Tory backbencher and backed by the Liberal Democrats.

The bill you voted for means parliament won't even get a say in any future trade deals, meaning our NHS could be offered away to the highest bidder. It means our farmers are sold down the river, following on from your vote against the amendment to the agriculture bill. The Government promised to 'take back control', but instead they're doing the complete opposite.

Frankly, I'm starting to see a disappointing trend in your voting and your alliances. Quite clearly you're Westminster's delegate in North Devon and not North Devon's voice in Westminster. From voting against an amendment to protect Devon Farmers, taking a view against local people on Longbridge and now this.

What assurances can you provide that the NHS is not for sale? Is this why North Devon is still yet to see the hospital it was promised by you and the Prime Minister in the election campaign? Why have you again turned your back on our farmers and our country's world-class food standards? At what point, Ms Saxby, will you put the people of North Devon above your own career progression?

I sincerely hope you'll respond to me and North Devon Liberal Democrats, who write on behalf of many frustrated and disappointed North Devon residents.


Alex White

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