NHS Coverup

County Councillor Brian Greenslade wrote to NHS England asking for a breakdown of the £2.7m spent on the Devon “Success Regime” project in just 6 months. After sometime he received a reply from a Mr Mark Cooke on behalf of NHS England refusing to give the information and suggesting that Cllr Greenslade make a FOI request to the Devon Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) for information.

Brian Greenslade said “this is just obstruction by the NHS because I suspect they would be embarrassed by giving information about where this £2.7m was spent. I shall be raising this contempt of the democratic system at the next Health Scrutiny Meeting. How glad I am that I got a place on the Devon County Council Health Scrutiny Committee which gives me a platform to contest the wholly unnecessary, expensive, wasteful sustainability and transformation plan (STP) process for Devon!”.

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