The Lib Dem plan for
Mortehoe, Woolacombe and West Down Ward

Malcolm Wilkinson

1. Environmental Issues

I applaud the efforts of many of our local businesses, schools and households to reduce the amount of single use plastics. I am a
member of the North Devon Plastic Free Consortium and also the Woolacombe Plastic Free group. Through the efforts of these
volunteers there have been massive strides forward over the last couple of years but we must continue the fight.

I am delighted to sit on several committees and organisations that concern themselves with protecting and enhancing our
environment. For several years I have been the District Council representative on the L.G.A. Coastal Issues group which is
recognised as a serious lobbying body for the communities that live beside the coast. Regeneration is the buzz word but I feel that
it should concern itself with community regeneration and protection as well as economic.

My recent election to the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty organisation should also enable protection of all that is so wonderful about our area,

2. Affordable Housing

Without question the biggest threat to our village communities is the lack of housing that is both suitable and affordable for our
young families. It is so wrong that these local people are being forced to leave the villages in which they were born to move to
neighbouring towns where the property prices are much cheaper. It is also wrong that we have such an enormous amount of second homes. Not only do they create false property values but they also enjoy reduced council tax contribution. This must stop!

We are currently looking at exciting schemes in both Woolacombe and Mortehoe which will go a long way to address the dwindling population

3. Fair Funding

I spent 37 years as Head of Art at Ilfracombe Academy and am well aware of the unfair distribution of national wealth to the
rural communities. Education, hospitals, the police service and general infrastructure all suffer though lack of funding. We must
fight to get a bigger and fairer slice of the cake.


Malcolm Wilkinson

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