Link Road Accidents

North Devon County Councillor Brian Greenslade says he is deeply upset by the two tragic accidents on the North Devon Link Rd on the stretch from South Molton to the West Buckland turning. The accidents took place on Sunday and Monday (30th and 31st July).

He said “it is deeply upsetting that two tragic accidents have taken place so close to each other within the space of two days. Ours thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends caught up in the accidents. We think particularly about the Mother and two children who have been killed on Monday.

It’s a matter of historic record that I have been a critic of the design of the Link Rd ever since the promised dual carriageway Link Rd was downgraded to single carriageway status by Mrs Thatcher’s Government in the early 1980’s. it is deceptive especially for drivers who do not use the road regularly.

That continual lobbying for improvements, at the West Buckland junction in particular, are moving forward will be no solace to the those caught up in these
Accidents. We must all fight as hard as we can to get the improvements which have just been consulted upon in place just as quickly as possible.

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