Liberal Democrats demand end to school cuts

Graphic: Stop real term cuts to our schoolsLocal school budgets are being squeezed by real terms cuts from the Conservative government. In Devon, our schoolchildren receive over £260 LESS than the national average.

The cuts mean our schools are trying to deliver the same education but with less money. Teachers are overworked and it is our children who will pay the price.

The Liberal Democrats have proposed a bold new plan to fight these cuts. They will protect school budgets in real terms - meaning no pupil will be worse off.

The plans also show more cash for children from poorer backgrounds in the form of an increase to the pupil premium in early years education.

Lib Dem councillor Louisa York said “The Conservatives are mortgaging our future. Budget cuts in our schools will mean fewer teachers and, frankly, a worse education for our children.”

“These changes need to be made now so schools can start planning for a positive future.”

The bold new plans also propose a separation of schools from government. Setting up an independent board of teachers to make curriculum changes rather than London based ministers.

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