Lib Dems act fast against needle danger

Cllrs Sue Haywood and David ChalmersLocal Lib Dems have taken prompt action after discarded needles were discovered in a lane near to Orchard Vale Community School.

Councillor Sue Haywood organised the supply of specialist ‘Sharps’ boxes, designed for the safe collection and disposal of the dangerous medical waste.

The alarm was raised after a local resident discovered the used needles on the ground not far from his home.

“This Good Samaritan immediately realised the danger and wanted to collect the needles before anyone nearby came to harm. The boxes will help keep the used needles out of the hands of any young children.” said Councillor Julie Hunt.

“We’d urge anyone who finds something similar in the area to report it immediately in the interests of public safety (our contact details are on the back of this leaflet) - North Devon Council can help with regular secure disposal” explained Sue.

“We now need to liaise with the Police and other local authorities to try and prevent this happening again” added local Lib Dem David Chalmers: “Fortunately, it looks like on this occasion a bit of quick thinking helped save the day.”

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