Kirsten Johnson welcomes new leader Jo Swinson

Jo Swinson MP - new leader of the Liberal DemocratsKirsten Johnson, Parliamentary Spokesperson for the North Devon Liberal Democrats, welcomes the announcement of Jo Swinson MP as new leader of the Liberal Democrat party. Kirsten says:

"Jo Swinson is a talented leader who has inspired many through the course of the leadership campaign. Her passion and enthusiasm to promote liberal values will be be a beacon of hope to many disaffected voters across the country.

I have worked with Jo in meetings and can attest that she is keen to work towards a fairer society, where all are equal and young people have opportunities to thrive. Liberal Democrats are fighting to reverse school cuts and give education the funding it needs. We are fighting climate change, supporting renewable energy initiatives, demanding green housing policy and working to protect our countryside. As former Business Minister, Jo has much practical experience that will help develop policies enabling businesses to thrive.

"On these and other issues facing North Devon, I look forward to working with Jo to make North Devon a fairer, greener and more equal place to live. I will be asking Jo to come visit us in the near future so that local residents can have the opportunity to meet her."

"Jo Swinson is the first woman to be Leader of the Liberal Democrats. This is especially poignant for me as I am working hard to be the first female MP to represent North Devon."

Jo said in her acceptance speech,

"We need to work with others, in whatever form or shape, to keep growing that liberal movement, that force we need in British politics to take on nationalism and populism, and to deliver the future our children deserve. This is the time for working together, not the time for tribalism.

"If you think that our country is headed in the wrong direction and you want to change that, you need to act too. Shouting at the television is not enough. You need to join us.

If you want an economy that works for people and for our planet.

If you want to build a richer, greener and safer future.

If you want to keep our family of nations united.

The answer is simple. Come, join us. Let’s do this. Let’s do this together.

Let’s change politics so that we can transform our country."

If you wish to join the Liberal Democrats and help build the future in North Devon, please join here.

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