Kirsten Johnson - A Statement

It is with the deepest regret that I resign as the Parliamentary Candidate for North Devon Liberal Democrats with immediate effect.  

I am acutely aware that my comments in the recent Radio 4 interview caused offence, and I reiterate my sincere apologies.  Whilst I have had many very good interviews, on this occasion I totally lost the thread of what I was saying, which was interpreted in ways that I certainly did not intend or believe about the people of North Devon.

Since my election as PPC for the North Devon Lib Dems over a year ago, I have been out in the community, working hard and meeting with fantastic people, getting to know them and listening to their hopes and their concerns.  These worries include the mass under-funding of our hospitals and local schools; the lack of affordable, high quality social care; the lack of broader job opportunities for their children; the need for better infrastructure for all the housing developments being built; the challenges for farming and businesses; as well as the need to address the real difficulties facing North Devon families on low incomes. There are many issues facing the people of North Devon, which is why I wanted to make a difference and help to stop North Devon being neglected by central government.  

I am not a career politician, and entered politics due to my concern over poor mental health provision and the many inequalities evident in our society. I will continue to work on these issues which are close to my heart.

I want to conclude by thanking everyone who has supported me over the past year and half, and say how sincerely sorry I am not to be standing for the chance to take forward the interests of all the people of North Devon to central Government.

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Kirsten Johnson

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