Kirsten in Braunton

Liz and Derrick Spear, Kirsten Johnson and Adam BradfordOver a weekend in August the new North Devon Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesperson, Kirsten Johnson, joined up with local Braunton Councillors, Adam Bradford and Liz & Derrick Spear.  Very much a listening exercise about a variety of local issues in Braunton and its surrounding hamlets.  Kirsten wants to find as much time as possible to engage with local residents. 

Not surprisingly, she is now well briefed on the long-standing issues of traffic congestion and the negative effects of air pollution resulting from that, as well as the traffic jams and snarl ups.  She has seen first-hand the state of our roads around the village.  It’s been hard to explain to her why the County Council fill in some potholes and leave others.

Kirsten has been made very aware of the lack of funding for our schools and is keen to be briefed on the challenges facing our three primary schools and the Academy.

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