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Just a few days to help save Devon's schools

Earlier this year Conservative County Councillors slashed school funding by £33 per pupil for schools across the County, including those in North Devon. Devon schools are already among the poorest in the country and the cuts have made it even more difficult for headteachers to make ends meet.

Local Lib Dem Councillor Brian Greenslade has asked that the £33 is restored to school budgets (It will cost £2.2m in total, across the whole of Devon). Brian says:

“Devon County Council is sitting on an unused cash pile worth tens of millions of pounds. All we are asking is that some of this is used to help secure our children’s education. Starving our schools of funding could be disastrous for these young people’s future”.

The Lib Dem proposal will be discussed by County Councillors when they meet on July 20th. If it is to be agreed then we need your help. Please write, email or phone your county councillor and ask them to support the Lib Dem plan to restore the money cut from school budgets. You can find your county councillors details here:

With your help, we can start to reverse the short sighted and disastrous cuts made by the Tory County Council.

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