Internal Market Bill

Alex White has written to the Tory MP for North Devon on the Internal Market bill, which seeks to break International Law, ahead of voting next week. He urges her to put her career progression aside, think of her constituents and be on the right side of this vote.

Letter from ~Alex White to MP for North DevonDear Ms Saxby,

At the count following the General Election last year, I told you I'd be holding you to account and continuing to stand up for the interests of the people of North Devon. Whilst I sincerely hoped you'd seek to be the voice of North Devon in Westminster I've made it clear that I think you've proved yourself to be Westminster's delegate in North Devon. 

So, I write to you to ask you to do the right thing, to find a voice for your constituents on the Internal Market Bill. 

That bill gave ministers the power to override commitments made in the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement. Your Tory Government has now stated, inexplicably, that the bill will break International Law. 

I and many across North Devon are appalled to think that your party would take such an attitude to the rule of law - placing our nation's credibility in question, jeopardising the EU Trade Negotiations and the Northern Ireland agreement, and potentially scuppering future trade deals. Why should any nation trust a country that breaks international law?

The United Kingdom is a proud country. In your short time here, I hope you've seen that Devon is a proud county and North Devon especially so. A place built on community and trust. 

As former Prime Minister and a fellow member of your party, John Major said: "If we lose our reputation for honouring the promises we make, we will have lost something beyond price that may never be regained". I ask you to read that quote, think of the direct link this vote will have on future trade deals, and consider the farmers of this constituency whom you have voted against before. I urge you to think of your constituents here.

Tonight (Friday 11th September) the Prime Minister invited Tory MPs to join a call where he begged you to vote to break that international law and, in the view of the European Union, plunge us into a No Deal Brexit. Clearly, this isn't about Brexit, it is about morality and legality. Will you, Ms Saxby, follow the whip as you always have, or put your career progression aside and be the local MP North Devon deserves? 

I urge you to urgently set out your position on this issue and assure your constituents you won't back the Government in this damaging move.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Alex White
Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for North Devon

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