The Lib Dem plan for
Ilfracombe East

June Williams, Adrain Bryant and Kit Leck

1. Affordable Housing

We are disgusted at the lack of local social housing and quality of private sector accommodation for our vulnerable, young people and families. Building dream houses is all very well, but we demand more and better quality housing for local people struggling to get a foot on the housing ladder.

2. Safe Roads

Hard-working people and families should be able to live safely and drive on pothole-free roads. Residents and visitors should be able to find decent secure parking when they go shopping or return home from work.

3. A Better Place to Live

Local councils should be doing more to maintain our environment. And it isn’t just about litter – it’s about the lack of emergency services cover and a fully functioning CCTV system in known crime hot spots to reduce vandalism and help people feel safe.


Adrian Bryant
Kit Leck
June Williams

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