The Lib Dem plan for
Heanton Punchardon

Jake Slee

1. Protect Our Environment

Jake Slees' top priority would be to work hard to preserve the green, open spaces that make North Devon such a beautiful place to live. We must ensure that our environment is protected for everyone now and in the future.

2. Sorting Out Our Potholes

Everybody knows how bad our potholes are, but instead of spending our Council Tax looking after our roads, the Conservatives on Devon County Council voted to pay themselves a massive 15% pay rise.

If elected, Jake will make the roads a priority, particularly around Chivenor roundabout.

3. Affordable Housing

With low wages and high house prices, local people are being priced out of the housing market. The need for more affordable homes, sympathetic to their surroundings, has never been greater.


Jake Slee

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