General Election Statement

This has been a disappointing result for the Liberal Democrats. The agreement between the Brexit Party and Conservatives made this a difficult night for the party.

Nationally this became the Brexit election.

But locally, we can hold our heads high knowing we ran a positive campaign offering the people of North Devon the fair deal they deserve. We thank our immense number of new members, first time Liberal Democrat voters and dedicated campaign team.

It is clear that the North Devon Conservatives have clung on to a National message to ‘Get Brexit Done’. We know that it won’t be long before people look much closer to home in unveiling the deep inequality in this country and indeed in North Devon.

We knocked on 10,000 doors in this campaign - listening to our friends and neighbours as we do all year round.

We will continue to fight for the things that matter to us all in North Devon - our NHS, schools, infrastructure, social care & natural environment; holding this new MP to account on her promises in this campaign and hoping that she will represent all of the constituents in North Devon.

We did not have a candidate at the start of this election, but in Alex White we have a strong local campaigner who will continue to fight for us all in North Devon.

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