Crisis in Care in North Devon

Avril Stone and Kirsten JohnsonWe are facing a catastrophe in the care of our most vulnerable people.

Two recent reports have highlighted the issues. Monday night’s BBC Panorama programme: Care in Crisis: Who Cares? highlighted many heart-breaking failures in our care system. On Tuesday, the Institute of Fiscal Studies produced a report highlighting the vast shortages of money for social care.

Kirsten Johnson, North Devon Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesperson, is leading the campaign to improve the quality and recognition of care in North Devon. She says “I demand proper recognition and reward for those many people in North Devon who undertake care of vulnerable people. This is the most important work anyone can do, yet it often goes under-appreciated. Care must be properly funded.”

Kirsten Johnson is working with local resident, Mrs Avril Stone, who has had first-hand experience of the care system through her late husband’s illness. Avril says she has great respect and formed many friendships with the care workers who helped care for her husband. However, she is all too aware of the failings and shortcomings of the present system which leaves workers disgruntled and clients not properly cared for or protected.

Avril explains “Even in today’s society both ageing and death are still taboo subjects, but if we live to a good age we can’t avoid either and therefore we must provide for a comfortable, safe and caring end of life and not have to live in fear of how we will spend those last days, months or years. This may be a difficult subject to contend with but it is time for everyone to, ‘grasp the nettle’ and deal with it now”.

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