Continuing strong results for Lib Dems

Ballot PaperDecember proved another good month for the Liberal Democrats.  The success in the Richmond Park Parliamentary by-election demonstrated that the party is still a force to be reckoned with at national level.  A big thank you to everyone from North Devon who helped in Richmond - either on the doorstep, or making phone calls. 

In local elections there were a further 26 local government elections in December, with Lib Dems making gains at the expense of the Conservatives and Independents.  One of these was in Crediton, Devon, where LibDem Bob Wright gained his seat with more than 70% of the vote.

In November there were 15 local by-elections across the country and LibDems have gained two seats, one from Labour and one from an Independent. 

This continues a trend following the Referendum on June 23rd.  In October there were 40 local by-elections and LibDems  gained nine seats.  Four from the Conservatives, three from Labour and two from Independent as well as holding a further five.

In  September, LibDems gained two seats from the Conservatives, four from Labour and one from UKIP. 

In August LibDems gained three council seats from the Conservatives, in July they gained seven (three from the Conservatives, two from Labour, and one each from UKIP and Independent), and in June there was a gain of one seat from the Conservatives.

This comes to a total of 37 gains across the board - more than twice as many as any other party, and more than all the other parties put together.

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