Cllr Greenslade denies Devon County Council Supports STP

Hands typing letterFurther to Mark Cooke's letter stating he sees "Devon County Council as a full partner in the STP process", Cllr Greenslade replies as follows:

Mark Cooke,
Director of Commissioning Operations,
NHS England South SW.

By e mail.

Brian Greenslade
Devon County Councillor for Barnstaple North
2 Longpiece,
EX31 4DT
mob 07801 862203
E mail [email protected]

Dear Mr Cooke,

Thank you for your prompt reply to my letter of the 23rd December. The Chief Executive of NHS England could well take a leaf from your book.

I also appreciate the clarity of some of the information you provide. Suffice it to say this confirms my view that the Success Regime/STP process for Devon is badly flawed and cannot provide the basis for a satisfactory public consultation over what ever service changes the NHS may propose.

As you may be aware Devon County Council, the largest local authority in the South West, have accordingly backed my notice of motion, on an all party basis, calling for a halt to your Success Regime/STP project. Therefore your comment "The Devon STP is the County Council's STP,as well as that of the local NHS" is a nonsense. As a member of the DCC Health Scrutiny Committee I can further assure you we have not signed up to support your STP.

It is simply not safe to proceed for the reasons I have already articulated but repeat again for the avoidance of doubt.

Predetermination. As your letter confirms you have a financial reduction target for the Devon CCG. You confirm that the NHS are seeking £22 bn in what you call efficiency savings. Therefore you have set financial drivers before considering the configuration for future service delivery.

Conflict of interests. You may be satisfied with the process leading to the appointment of Ruth Carnell as the Independent Chair. However as Council Monitoring Officers drum into Councillors it is not what the actions may be it is how the general public perceive it.

It is simply outrageous that a paid consultant who has produced a report, cost I understand £335,000, could by any stroke of imagination be seen as independent.

Leaks. There have been at least two major leaks of information which in the minds of the public are now fact although the Success Regime continue to say they have not finalised  proposals. Given the public reaction to these leaks it will simply be impossible for a sensible consultation to be undertaken.

In your previous letter you stated that the cost of the Devon Success Regime has been £2.7 m. Would you kindly provide me with a breakdown of this expenditure and at the same time what is the breakdown of the remaining budget of £3.3 m?

Again I urge the NHS to follow the advice of DCC and halt this flawed process and save the remaining budget for the benefit of patient care.

Yours sincerely,

Brian Greenslade

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