North Devon PPC challenges Secretary of State over drug delays

Kirsten Johnson, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesperson for North Devon at WestminsterKirsten Johnson, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesperson for North Devon has had a written question submitted to Conservative Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock MP, asking him to clarify the reasons for delays and shortages of essential glaucoma treatment drugs in North Devon.

The Parliamentary Question has been asked by Lib Dem MP, Tom Brake.

The matter was brought to Kirsten Johnson’s attention during one of her regular surgeries by Peter Bradshaw of Chittlehampton which we reported on 3 February 2019.

Kirsten said: “I am glad to have been able to raise these concerns at Parliament. As the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesperson for North Devon, I am always keen to make sure that the issues which affect my prospective constituents’ daily lives are raised at Westminster and listened to by this Conservative Government. North Devon deserves better than the services it is currently receiving – whether it be the NHS or parliamentary representation”.

Kirsten's question was as follows: 

“Can the Secretary of State reassure me that the recent shortages and delays in patients using Ganfort and Toptiqom for treating their glaucoma, are not the result of the possibility of a No Deal Brexit? Can he identify what is causing these shortages and delays?”

Click here to visit the UK Parliament website to view Kirsten's question, 216912.


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