The Lib Dem plan for
Braunton West

Adam Bradford and Marguerite Shapland

1. Protect Our Environment

North Devon’s countryside and environment is unique. We need to protect it from plastics on our beaches, air pollution, rising sea levels and the threat of climate change.

Relying heavily on tourism in this area, we must not destroy the lifeblood of our local economy.

2. Affordable Homes for Locals

New houses are springing up all over North Devon, but how many are affordable for people who live and work in Braunton and Croyde? We need housing that is affordable for young people and families so communities are maintained.

We need schools and facilities for them to enjoy our wonderful environment.

3. A Decent Place to Live

Braunton’s floods in 2012 devastated our shops and homes. Amazing work has been done, but we need more to prevent future reoccurrences, such as clearing drains, weeding gullies and cleaning streets aren’t cleaned enough. Streets and footpaths need care, dog and litter bins need preserving.


Adam Bradford
Marguerite Shapland

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