The Lib Dem plan for
Braunton East Ward

Liz and Derrick Spear

1. Affordable Homes – Or Lack Of

We all know families who cannot afford a home of their own.

New houses are springing up all over North Devon, and Braunton is no exception.  But how many of these houses are affordable for people who live and work here?

More and more properties are being bought as holiday homes, or second homes – inflating the price of properties, and creating a conveyor belt system of house-build to replace just the current stock.

Central Government has created a loophole which allows owners of holiday homes and second homes to switch from paying Council Tax to Business Rates because it’s cheaper for them!

The Government should close this loophole, and make it possible for authorities to increase the rates on these holiday/second homes.

2. Traffic Congestion & Air Pollution

Safety First for Braunton’s roads – Ever since the Braunton & West Coast Plan Inquiry turned down the proposals to be a Relief Road to help mitigate Braunton’s traffic, there has been considerable talk but not enough action.

Braunton LibDems welcome the proposals to improve the North Devon Link Road.  Over 30 fatalities and scores of crashes since 2000 are appalling statistics and the funding is long overdue.  However, more needs to be done.  It is a missed opportunity that no attempt has been made to incorporate the huge traffic problems throughout Braunton on the A361.  Money is needed to sort out traffic congestion and the terrible effects of air pollution that this brings.  We are currently working to get the Air Quality document included in the New Local Plan and with your support, continue fighting to mitigate both traffic congestion and air pollution.  You cannot put a price on road safety.  It is just too important an issue. 

Clean air for our children must be a top priority.

3. Our Environment – climate change & rising sea levels

The breaching of the sea defences at Horsey Island and the destruction of the Great Sluice was a grim reminder of how vulnerable our low lying coastline is.  Coupled with mounting evidence of rising sea levels, we need to give much greater attention to these vulnerable sea defences. 

The Shoreline Management Plan is meant to be the road map to tackle the problems.  It needs to be updated and given more meaningful purpose.  Currently little more than a desktop exercise.  We fully support the example of South Devon (Exe River Estuary) in taking forward a Management Plan for the whole of the estuary.

The secured future of Chivenor opens the way for developing an estuary plan that takes into account climate change and rising sea levels.


Derrick Spear
LIz Spear

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