The Lib Dem plan for
Barnstaple Central

Ian Williams (right) with Barnstaple Town Council candidate Syed Yusef

1. Addressing homelessness

People sleeping on Barnstaple’s streets while the old Devon County Council offices stand empty is a scandal of mismanagement.

As a member of the Small Change Or Real Change campaign, Ian will continue to address the plight of local people without a roof over their heads.

2. Planning Barnstaple’s Future

The Pannier Market needs major grant funding to help it, once again, to be the focal point of the town. The market is a fantastic asset, but we’re not making the most of it.

We will play an active role in the creation of the Neighbourhood Plan to determine the infrastructure for Barnstaple for the next 20 years.

3. A Safer Town Centre

Barnstaple is a great place to live, but pockets of anti-social behaviour and drug dealing are a concern to residents. Police time and resources are taken up almost every day dealing with the effects of drug-related crime.

We need to address this.


Ian Williams
Syed Yusef

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