200 Club

200-Club.jpgThe 200 Club monthly draw is an important source of funds for the running and work of North Devon Liberal Democrats.  Further subscribers are always welcome and if you would like to join, please contact Louisa York (01271) 321 451 for full details and an entry form. The monthly subscription is £2 per entry with approximately 50% of the total subscriptions being used as prizes and 50% going to local party funds. Of course there is nothing to prevent people having multiple entries and so increase their chances of winning a prize.  Prizes each month are: 1 at £20, 1 at £10.  In December there is a single prize of £100.

Recent winners

Month £20 prize £10 prize
January 2018 Brian Greenslade Thelma Avery
February 2018 Ian Roome Louise Wheavil
March 2018 Kathleen Hasler Ian Roome
April 2018 Thelma Avery Judy Dale
May 2018 Thelma Avery Judy Dale
June 2018 Kathleen Hasler  Margaret Greenslade
July 2018 Sue Hayward David Chalmers
August 2018 Alan Bannister Thelma Avery
September 2018 Rebecca Richardson Judy Dale
October 2018 Alan Bannister Maureen Sobey
November 2017 Margaret Greenslade Thelma Avery
December 2017  Thelma Avery = £100


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